Mystical journeys with saints, sages and astrologers. It leads you towards spirituality and liberation. The extraordinary experiences with Holy people and sacred sites  will be a life enriching experience and a spiritually elevating journey. Let us embark on this journey from India. Indian Subcontinent is an interesting blend of all kinds of people, races, cultures, customs, etc.  If you truly wish to unravel it, you must first empty yourself of all preconceived notions. Tread the path of the mystics, the holy places of Char Dham, Kumbh Mela, Jyotiralinga, many more and you will be transported back to a time when ancient song and dance nourished the soul. We also lead pilgrimages to Holy Mountains in the British Isles and Europe. Sacred wells are to be found throughout the British Isles. Holy wells have been visited by pilgrims over the centuries to seek solace or to connect with nature. Experience the tour of Stratford upon Avon where you will experience the mysticism surrounding William Shakespeare. Sacred tour of Peru and Bolivia is a big draw. Get yourself rolling for a  spiritual adventure to Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia and Thailand.


Ecological Journeys offers holiday experiences designed emphasizing the principles and values of Ecotourism. The journey that will give you opportunity to visit various destinations, to appreciate nature & its diversity without disturbing the integrity of ecosystem, creating economic opportunities that make conservation & protection of natural resources advantageous to the local people. What you take back is your experience and leave behind footprints…Cultural Journeys are holiday experiences for those who have quest for the unseen, to explore the unexplored, not just visit to a destination but to experience it up & close, to learn about local cultures, customs and traditions, to enjoy the extravaganza of year round fairs & festivals, to admire local art & handicrafts & savor the delicious cuisines. Be the part of these meaningful journeys as you traverse through the varied cultures, religions and its followers… unique surprises waiting to be explored.


Historical Journeys offers opportunities to discover & educate oneself with important destinations and off-beat routes that take you back in time to the rich historical era. Lovers of history, architecture, anthropology will delight in the programs that we put forth.


Bespoke Holidays are for those who prefer to travel at their own pace, budget & style. Unique and handpicked holiday experiences which are customized to individual interests and preferences. We are
pleased to suggest ideas to complement your own and to organize the most appropriate program for you to travel to India and beyond